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Thought Fragments

Juke Joint Jezebel
27 October 1981
My name is Eric. Although I'm technically an adult, I don't feel as though I quite have my feet on the ground yet. I'm currently living in Decatur, GA, and doing a lot of freelance writing.

My journal is entitled "Thought Fragments," because it contains a few words that only make up a fraction of the numerous things I think about daily. I invite you to share in these "fragments," and if you wish, leave a comment. Occasionally, I discuss some very personal things here, and if what I say is inflammatory in any way, you can let me know.

Originally, I was invited here by a friend in NY, and now it's become one of my "Internet life update" tools, which is nice when your friends are spread all over the US and elsewhere. So, would you like to share in my thought fragments? Feel free.